So I basically know nothing about wah pedals, but I know what kind of tone I want. I want some John Frusciante/ funky blues tones, along with some porno wah sounds.
Right now I'm thinking the Ibanez WH10v2, but other than that I'm pretty clueless.
Dunlop Crybaby off of ebay for 20. Then buy a new fasal, turn it into true bypass, and switch some resistors/capacitors. For about 50 dollars and 2 hours of work you can have a wah that rivals 150-200 dollar ones.
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check out Morley wahs for a great wah pedal that won't cost more than $150.

I've never played a morely wah, but from what I've heard, they're more aimed at a thrash Metallica-ish sound than funky RHCP.

TS, budget?
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dimebag wah very versatile
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Why don't you just wait for the Ibanez WH10 reissue? It's a reissue of the wah Frusciante's famous for. If you're in the US it shouldn't be too big a wait.
I love my Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah!
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hey btw morley wahs (ie mine) does good wah stuff on cleans too!! i'd its cool but it's straight WAH not WHOAH like crybabies... hmm any ways i vote for the morley! good pedals plus true bypass and taugh construction.. and no pots to wear out!
hmm loads of benefits
but let me also suggest you an envelop filter imho more funky!
If your sole set on a wah then i think a Cry baby original or Ibanez reisue.
Otherwise an evolope filter would do some funky stuff and it could be cheaper
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If your sole set on a wah then i think a Cry baby original or Ibanez reisue.
Otherwise an evolope filter would do some funky stuff and it could be cheaper

You do realize that a wah is an envelope filter, right?

TS: You're probably better off just going with the WH10V2 seeing as its a reissue of the exact pedal Frusciante uses.
Check out the BBE Wah. I've got one, it's great, I play a lot of RHCP with it. It's also somewhat versatile, there's a single knob on it which basically controls how much of the wah effect is mixed into the signal, all the way down just gives it a slight tonal flavour while having it all the way up makes it quite thick. There are 2 videos on youtube of it, check them out.
I don't want to spend any more than $150, but I could go a little more. And I live in canada. When exactly is the WH 10 coming out?
I just got a Dunlop Original Crybaby and it has that funky "wacka" sound.
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I use a Dunlop Original CryBaby.
It does everything I want it to do.
But then again, I don't really need much versatility out of it.
I already tried the crybaby, the slash sig and the original, I didn't really like them. They were "meh" IMO