Poll: Line 6 Pocket Pod or Zoom G2.1U ?
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Pocket Pod
8 53%
7 47%
Voters: 15.
Hi UG !

I'm trying to decide to choose between the Line 6 pocket pod and the Zoom G2.1u.

The purpose of buying one of these is because I want to get some cool sounds and also be able to record with the unit itself by hooking it up with my pc.

I usually play hard rock and blues, but i am also into metal etc. like in flames or KSE.

The good thing about zoom is that it comes with cubase which makes me able to record my songs easily. It has a foot pedal and two switches that i can press with my foot and makes everything easier. It sounds pretty nice too.

The good thing about the pod is that it is small and portable and i can take it with me wherever i am going. It also comes with tons of presets and patches and i can add more of them too and edit them with the coming program. You can choose between diffrent amps and cabinets too.

But since i dont have the money for buying both om them i have trouble to decide which one to take and i need your help ! Thanks !
I have the pocket pod and like it a lot. Just make sure to get a 9V adaptor to go with it because they eat batteries like nothing lol.
zoom pedal,

mainly because the sounds on it sound a lot better than the line 6 pod,
you get cubase LE ( cubase kicks ass imo)
and the zoom pedal is just all round better
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Well IMO the zoom sounds TERRIBLE. Thin, digital and lifeless.
Pod by a hundred miles.
What amp are you running? I've personally had better results using Audacity and a Rockband microphone then using Logic Pro 5.*

*could be due to not knowing how Logic works.
Why do you want to buy a Multi Effects for recording? You would do as well or better by just micing your current amp, then using the money you would have spent on an effects processor to save for a new amp.
But i have no experience with micing an amp att all, and i dont know what program i should edit the song with etc. I have never had any experiences with such things at all , that's why i found the zoom thing very useful and handy! How do you think i should deal with it ?
no, get a shure sm57, and a mixer or a m-audio fast track and mic your amp

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zooms are notorious for giving poor overdrive/distortion. Allthough I don't know about that exact model. however, I'd still be tempted by it's expression pedal and build quality.
see if you can try them out in a local guitar shop - most shops will have both of them in stock.