As in cheapest and service. Specifically Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys. I also don't mind buying in bulk.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
Check out musicstore.de or thomann.de (only 2 I use)

Pretty sure theirs a few english websites that would do bulk but Im not familiar with them.
http://www.banzaimusic.com are quite cheap if you order quite alot of stuff. £3 for a pack of GHS boomers. £10 for 3 packs of daddarios. But it is like £7 delivery.

Customer service are a bit hit and miss though, sometimes they get it to you in a couple of days. I've been waiting on my strings for 3 weeks now, apparently they got shipped somewhere else. 5 guitars and none of them have a full set of strings.
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Your local guitar shop?

This. They don't get enough business any more really. At least in my area - interwebs have taken over!
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