I'm not going to lie... that was breathtaking. I can't believe that came out of a Uger's mind. keep up the good work and you should try getting an orchestra to preform that
I smile because I have no idea whats goin on
i like that a lot man. after hearing this and that sonata in d minor, which i downloaded the score to and i plan on learning on my keyboard, i wanna write something like that and put it up here.

dude i was laughing pretty hard as i scrolled down the page too. i see bump and then BUMP!! :sad just be careful with that. not spost to bump your own thread due to lack of replies, but instead, crit someone elses stuff and ask for a return crit. dont know if any mods watch the original recordings section too closely, but ive just started going to music theory and a shitload of threads are closed and quickly.

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hmm yeah thanx for both..

hell writing classical music is really hard.. after you've got all the things in your head writing it on a paper is another biz..
you gotta know all the futures of the instrument. lowest and highest notes possible, speed sustain hell everything about the instrument...
hmm i hope to soon upload my Allegro... hmm and may be my orchestral stuff to