I'm working on fixing up my first guitar which is a squier strat.
I want to put some single space humbuckers in the neck and middle position, but I don't know much about these types of pickups, I've only worked with humbuckers.
Can anyone give me some suggestions on some good ones to check out for my guitar?
I've heard them called many different ways, I just liked single space.

Anyways, I play metal but still want to get a good clean tone, and I use a line 6 but will eventually upgrade to a mesa once I save up enough.
Duncan Hot Rails. They are fantastic pickups and can give you a great clean tone or a great overdriven tone.
Once again, idiots with nothing helpful to say than a brand name.

What you're after are most commonly referred to as singlecoil-sized humbuckers, for future reference. That in turn can be divided into stacked singlecoils, dual rail design, stacked active, whatever else. Generall when you say 'spaced', that refers to the spacing of the pole pieces of the pickup (usually 50mm or 52mm) which is a different thing.

Anyway, for metal, a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails is the common pickup for the bridge position. I've got one in a Thinline Telecaster and it's great - surprisingly responsive even at low gain. The only problem with it is it's output is huge. If you're using a solid state amp or if you use pedals to get your distortion (or to boost it), the Hot Rails is going to be too high output for you. It can also be hard to get a great clean with it. I use it in a Thinline Telecaster with a single 500k volume control and no tone control - it's very bright. Many people suggest using it with standard Strat 250k volume and tone controls to mellow it out a little.
The typical pickup for use in the neck is a Cool Rails. Same as the Hot Rails but far less output and wound for a thicker and slightly more vintage tone. A really good all-rounder.

There are also Vintage Rails (same as a Cool Rails but the blades are split up for a more vintage tone) and various stacked singles - however stacked singles tend to sound far less humbucker-ish than the Rails series of pickups, and the Vintage Rails won't have enough power for you, I think. A Hot Rails in the bridge and a Cool Rails in the neck is usually the best way to go.
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