Sooooo my xbox 360 console got banned 2 days ago...JUST the console, not my Gamertag or anything. So I googled some alternatives to start playing on Live again.

Can I get the Xbox Arcade Console and put my banned consoles hard drive on it? Is it possible? Im going to keep the banned one because it's modded. :/ I still want to play some of those burned games I got for it.
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Can I ask WHY it got banned?
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Can I ask WHY it got banned?

"because it's modded."
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How/why exactly did it get banned?

Has to be because it's modded. Like nemm said.


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Microsoft have just said that you have to buy a new console to play online. you can recover your gamertag but I don't know whether you can put the HD from the banned console in a new one. You'd have to ask microsoft.
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Hmmm I bet Daytripper permabanned your X-Box

We have a new admin in the house, and all you can think of is Daytripper?

S t a i r s s r i a t S

So which game did you get busted with? You think it might have been outdated firmware on chu box? If you don't mind, you see I'm worried about the same situation only I've yet to get live.
Wii's mod eaisier, go with that
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And this is why you don't mod your sh*t so you can play a game early.

Hah, you deserve it. Game's not even THAT good
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We have a new admin in the house, and all you can think of is Daytripper?

Well Daytripper lays down the ban hammer and closes threads faster than the Chinese Goverment..... Sooo
that's what you get for taking your modded system online during their major annual banning campaign, you really should have known better.
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