*sigh* Hello again, Pit.

For school I gotta do an essay on how Hester Prynne [from The Scarlet Letter], this chick from this short story [A Respectable Woman] and "a contemporary public figure's" ability to be "Free! Body and soul free!"

I need halp deciding who to use for the third woman. Teacher said it had to be a modern woman, and we have to find a news article or interview or some sort of reputable online source to pull quotes from and back it up and whatnot.

Any ideas?

I thought of maybe Ellen Degeneres. Coming out of the closet could've killed her career, but she stayed strong. My girlfriend's dad said Erin Brockavich. O_O
Wow, that has to be the worst essay I've ever heard of.
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Valerie Bertinelli. She's freed millions of women with her weight loss teachings or whatever she does.
Man, you'd be better off writing an essay about keeping secrets, and use Arthur Dimmesdale and, say, George W. Bush instead.
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