I am debating between the Hot Rod Deville / Deluxe or the Blues Deville / Deluxe.

Anyone played both that can give me some pros and cons of each?

Looking for a great blues amp with soul. I play some metal but I am willing to use an overdrive pedal to get that tone.
- Anthony
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i can give you a description of the hot rod deville 4-10, which i currently have.

first of all, this amp is LOUD. you need to be aware that it takes 10x the amount of wattage to be twice as loud. that means a 6 watt amp is half as loud as a 60 watt amp. so if you go for a 40 watt amp, you're talking about only a 5-10% reduction in "loudness". this is an amp meant for gigging. it's not meant for the bedroom. if you want to turn it up past 5, then you will be shutting the door and playing in the other room with the cable under the door.

second, the clean channel is amazing. playing through just the clean sounds good, and putting pedals and whatnot in front of it sounds good too.

third, the gain channel sounds like crap. it is thin, and just isn't anything you'd ever use.

fourth, with either amp, you need to immediately mod the amp, swapping out the tone pot for the volume knob. the tone pots for the volume are linear pots, and they need to be logarithmic (audio) pots. there is a lot of documentation online about this. it is something that you need to do no matter what choice you make (with a fender amp). when it comes stock, if you put the amp [volume] on 3, it is crazy loud, and you'll be scared to turn it up to 8. but if you actually try it, you'll notice that 3 & 8 aren't too much different. that is because of the pots. 3 is effing loud. switch out that volume knob, and 3 will sound like 3 (loud but not too loud), and 8 will sound like 8 (rock your balls loud).

fifth, the HR deville 4-10 is heavy. i'm 6'3", 315lbs, and i do a lot of power lifting, and this amp can still cause me to grunt a little when i gotta pick it up. carrying it by the handle sucks. just grab the mofo in the middle and carry it with both hands.

sixth, either way, the tubes suck and you will need to buy new ones. just add that in to the cost of the amp. no matter what you pick, buy some better tubes.

looking back, i probably would have spent the extra $500 and gotten a deluxe reverb or a super reverb. if you're not going to be gigging anytime soon, i'd also suggest a peavey classic 30 or a blues jr. the hot rods are loud.
The Blues is very similar but even brighter. I'd get the Hot Rod, it's already a bit overly bright. I own one and have had a lot of reliability problems. I'd go for a Deluxe Reverb instead. The cleans are better and you'll be using a pedal anyways caus the gain on the Deluxe/DeVille sucks.
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