Right now, I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio VM. I have been playing a lot of U2 for the last year or so (only their older stuff) and I now want a guitar that can get the edge sound better than my LP. the edge used a strat when playing live, so i should probably look at fender. since i am a student still, my budget is up to $750. What would be the best Fender strat to get the edge's old sound?
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The edge uses multiple guitars live. You should check this link http://www.uberproaudio.com/content/view/158/38/
It should answer your questions.
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Edge used to use an explorer! His sound is more distinct due to the fact he uses so many effects
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the edge's primary guitar is a gibson explorer, you should be able to pick a new one up for your budget
get a highway strat
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A MIM strat would be good, very diverse, but I think a Epipone 58 korina explorer would be best. get one of those and a hang of allot of effects
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Why can't the LP do it? Nice effects and nice amp and you should be okay.
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You're better of finding your own tone, getting a guitar to suit your preferences than trying to match the edge. Whatever tone he would have had is swamped out by pedals and effects that it's inconsequential to try and match what he uses.

Go generic, whack on a load of effects and you'll get the 'sound' you want.
Your guitar can actually nail the tone just fine - the difference in tone between an LP and an Explorer isn't all that huge.

The main thing that define the Edge's tone is, as many people have said, his effects. He's got more delay, chorus and reverb than a Digitech dealer and what little bite he has to his tone is easily gained by getting an EQ pedal and boosting the upper mids slightly. his tone is actually very, very basic, it's just a question of throwing enough money at BOSS and Digitech to get the right pedals.
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The old school U2 sound is a Gibson Explorer into a Deluxe Memory Man into an AC30. Although it seems for the old U2 stuff played live, The Edge uses (or used to use, since he sold it) a white Les Paul Custom, so honestly if you have a Les Paul, you should be 1/3 of the way there. Other effects he uses a lot are a Big Muff, Tubescreamer (any decent overdrive will do though) Wah, and Phaser/Flanger, but a delay and a good guitar is the heart of his tone.

If you're trying to get tones from the Unforgettable Fire, forget about it: Brian Eno biamped him through his normal effects line into and AC30 and sent the other half to an Eventine Harmonizer, an AMS reverb (it's the same one Sigur Ros uses, if memory serves) and back into another AC30.