Unfortunately these guys are everywhere. They grunt loudly in front of the mirrors at the gym, spray axe in closed areas and use spray on tanners. I'll never forget the day I was almost late for school and was about to lock my car and I heard the sound of an aerosol can. The guy parked next to me was spraying axe all over his body. He even sprayed a cloud into the air and walked through it before heading to school. The whole day, I was paranoid that I smelled like axe.

My connection is shit tonight, so I only saw like the first three seconds before it had to stop and buffer, but that guy looks hilarious. I'll watch it and post back with more thoughts, don't worry.

SHEdit: I didn't lol again until the very end, when the guy sprayed a metric buttload of Axe on his head.


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That video is so true it's not even funny..... but yet it was
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i just want to let you know that made my day.

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The Axe can thing at the end is really the only funny part of the whole video.
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