I'm getting rid of my AD30VT as I wasn't using it anymore - however being able to use effects on the amp witout plugging anything in was a more important song writing tool than I thought.

I was thinking of getting a Line 6 Pocket POD. I know the models might not be quite as good, but if I run it into a clean t00b amp I'm thinking it could sound pretty snazzy.

The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it models the AC30 and not the TB part. Whereas the Express version does? And no JCM amps on the normal one? That kind of bothers me.

Is there a similar device to the Pocket POD with a similar price? I'm leaning towards getting the Pocket POD Express now, the Pocket POD is great but the express seems to cover the bases better. Given both are still modeling fairly generic amps for the most part(nothing cool like an Orange for example), I may as well get the express?