Awesome stuff! Well-recorded and mixed. The bass sound is so classic it almost hurts. Nice panning on the organ too. The only criticism I have, and this is really minor, is that the lead guitar is fairly restrained for rock fusion; you could take it up a notch and maybe add a few things that are a little more out. Other than that the playing's good.

Overall, great tune and great recording!!!
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Thanks for taking the time to reply.Yes I agree I might go back and try a bit more outlandish sounds for some of the Guitar parts

Just listening to some of your stuff.Really nice feel
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HELL YEAH NIGGYHED! From the beginning to the end I was getting off on it! Very well put together man. I see myself drivin n jammin
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Too much gain for Bolin,but a nice track it is,love your melodic playing ! Great guitarsound and vibrato.
Kinds words and thanks.I wasn't actually trying to emulate Tommy or Billy.I bought the Stratus album years ago when I was really into the Jazz Rock Fusion scene and the other day I found some renditions on Youtube and then couldn't get that cycling bass line out of me head.So Straticus was just a bit of fun and therapy to try and get it out of me head<grin>

It hasn't worked :O