Id try to get it for 500
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If you can get it for 500, it's a great deal. If you can get it for 600, it's a good deal. If it plays well I'd go for it.
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Beat the recession by soldering your strings back together! What's more, the extra metal vibrating back and forth will add to your tone... and what could be more metal than more metal!?!

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Plz uz reel wurdz bcoz wen u tipe lik this its hard 2 red.
Well it won't sound much like your regular Les Paul, but if you like it then go for it!
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Check it out and see how it is, then find faults with the guitar even if there are none make something up like "it just doesn't feel right" "necks not for me" "too heavy" etc , start to negotiate the price down to 5 bills, first offer him $450.00 and see what he counters with I would guess $550.00 then pull out 5 cash and say that's all you got. I like to take someone with me that can hold a couple hundred over my bottom line but not over what I really will pay. If your willing to pay 6 fine, I think it's a decent guitar for 6 but play it first and do some negotiating. Most sellers are very motivated in this economy. I have gotten some big surprises when a seller said yea to my first offer!

Some times I will walk away from a deal if they don't want to play ball I'll leave my number more than half the time I'll get a call from them.