I've looked everywhere, I've found a tab of the Piano/Synth part that I have learned, and I've figured out most of the beginning.

But there's so much going on in the song for my ear to be able to pick up everything, and I lack good experience with pinch harmonics. I know how to do them, and I can sometimes figure out a practical way to pull one of from a song.

I've found videos, the best one so far is of a guy with a Jackson, but I can't totally tell what he's playing. I've tried to figure out the tuning, which I believe is Drop Db, and I think that's what he's in..


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll be checking back frequently. If anyone is a fan of Attack Attack! and would like to shoot out any ideas, please do so. I'll tab out what I have already if needed.

Thanks so much!