Ok, so for the past few weeks, I've been working on a song in the style of yngwie malmsteen, and I think I'm almost done. I made this song as an etude to the style of yngwie, but made it more and more musical. (And yes, I know I put part of the song Blue towards the end, it's meant as an etude).
So, could you tell me what you think I need to improve upon.
if you can actually play this, then your damn good at guitar. anyway, as much as i hate yngwie, this was actually pretty good, although, there was no hook, nothing to really pull you in, and it was all wank. good for a guitar solo... and i think the ending should have some kind of insane shred bit to finish it off.
There were lots of really cool licks and phrases in there, but there were also tonnes of parts that just sounded pretty unmusical. And it really felt like it had little to no sense of direction. I mean, the licks that were good really rocked, but I think if you got rid of some of the pointlessly fast runs and tried to tie in all of your ideas together into one coherent theme it could really turn into something good.
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Lay off the shred! >.<
The licks made absolutely no sense and all that the other instruments seemed to do was play progressions.

Speed doesn't always make for a good song or solo. That's all I have to say.
I liked that a lot for what it is. Not musical necessarily but very cool and a good chops showcase
I think this piece is cool, but one question can you play the whole song?
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Quote by Gulli05
I think this piece is cool, but one question can you play the whole song?

Yeah, I made this song as an etude, Im putting the licks into a lesson on youtube. Should put it up in about a month or so.
Its alllright. Just felt like something I made on song creator on Guitar Hero WT. No real direction, unless this is what it was intended to be.

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