Right now i have a schecter C-1 but im into more metal and hard rock playing and it just doesnt satisfy since its a bitch to change the tuning.

So i've been thinking f getting a seven string i dont care what brand but i just need one. Any Recommendations? thanks.
We should just put a new thread at the top that says "Wanna get a new 7-string guitar? Buy an Agile!". hahahaha Honestly, from what I hear, they're amazing for the price, and it's what I'm going to recommend to you as well.
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I wish they had some seven strings with fixed bridges. I have no need for a floyd and I can't stand string-thrus. That's why I'm gonna get an Ibanez RG7321 and swap the pups out. I'd suggest the same for you, OP. Shouldn't run you more than $400 for the guitar, and a little over $100 for the pups.