I've started learning guitar about a week ago, on my crappy excel c90d. The guitar is nice but the action is so high, like 1 cm high at the 12th fret, and I'm wondering what guitar to buy. Its going to be about 1 month until my birthday so I have tons of time to shop around and what not. My parents are going to be buying me this guitar and I don't want them to spend over $125-150. I was looking at the epiphone dr 100 at guitar center it seemed okay, just the action was slightly high. Any ideas? Thanks.
you can get the action set up lower, you don't have to stick with the factory set up (I'd advise not going with factory actually) You just have to make sure it's not so low you get fret buzz
i've seen luthiers charge anywhere from $40 to over $200. it sort of depends on if the current nut and saddle are doable, among other things.

for what you're talking about spending you're talking about a fairly low end guitar. i'd recommend the Yamaha F335 as the best of the bunch in that price range. something i hope you'll consider is that it's no fun playing a crappy guitar, so get the best you can for the money or chances are you won't keep playing. the epiphones i've tried don't have the build quality or finish of the yamahas, and even though the F335 is all laminate, it doesn't have the sharp frets and other issues i see on some epis.

one other guitar at the top of your price range on musicians friend is the Alvarez RD010. i haven't tried this one, but it's the entry level guitar in the regent series, and the solid top regents sound very good for the price and are well made. also if you want something a bit smaller, there's a folk size in the same series - the Alvarez RF010.
HOLY CRAP MAN! $200? My shop would set it up for free if i bought it from them. (and to obeythepenguin: nobody i know leaves there ax factory where im at, cuz it's all a matter of preference)
hey, i want to start playing, but dont have a guitar to play on. so i saw the Alvarez RF010 Regent on sale for $70, and i was wondering if its a good guitar for the price for a beginner?
The Yamaha F-series are all decent guitar's for their price. I got an f-335 for christmas and it has the best sound out of the guitars I've played.(that are around the same price)
i wanted to point out two things:

one, this is an old thread.

two, cheap guitars are worse for beginners because they tend to sound worse and have poor hardware and setups. you can spend $60 or thereabouts to get your guitar set up, but you'd do better to put it into the guitar in the first place. beginners lose motivation pretty fast when their guitar sounds poor, won't stay in tune, has poor intonation or very high action, and these are pretty common when talking about an under-$150 guitar.
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