Okay, so I am currently building a strat knockoff and am ready to make it awesome. I believe I have enough room behind the bridge for a mini KP but I can't get any information on using a mini KP in a guitar. if I did this I understand room might be tight which is why I'm okay with fuglifying my guitar a little. right now the current theory is that if I wire the strat completely normally, then have it go to the mini KP, then to the amp, I should be in good shape, right? I don't know whether you can plug in directly to mini KP's or if you need to go via amp. SOMEONE with more experience than me helpp
Youve got it right. Youll need a boost though, apparently theres a pretty big volume drop when using those with guitars
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should I use active pickups then? right now the body of the strat is on the thin side, so I can thicken it up with plexiglass or lexan. I'm being a little greedy with this guy, I kind of wanted to do some stuff with LEDs too, but I'm not sure if I'll have an issue with room
I don't think there are any 1/4 in/out jacks on the mini KP.
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