Tom and Jeremiah to be specific. (I dunno if there's more of you around, I'm out of date around here)

My friend's band Blockhead is looking for a show in your state on January 9. A bunch of nice dudes with some really awesome songs. Would be really awesome if you guys could hook it up. They'd totally get you guys back on a show up here if you ever wanted. (This should happen sometime soon regardless)

Everyone else should check out this band anyways. http://www.myspace.com/blockheadpunk
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Blockhead is awesome. I'm gonna be at that show on Sunday. I'm pumped.

Awesome! Hopefully it will be better than our last show, in which swine flu hit me on the ride up to Boston.
Wow, that band is awesome!
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I could get you a show in the waterbury area
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I think they'd be a better band if they didn't sound so conventionally contemporary.

That said, I am very harsh when it comes to rating music, and the songs are inherently good.
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I could get you a show in the waterbury area

That would be awesome.

If anyone else could help with the other dates that would be rad.
Blockhead is good. You play with them or are ya just friends with em?
Your post was quite ambiguous.
Our bands play together a lot. And we share a drummer so we hang out like all the time. So a bunch of our friends made a band, and that is Blockhead. Make of that what you will.
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Hold up.

You guys wanna play Binghamton?

...can I help?

Go for it!
Blockhead are pretty good, I actually heard of Em

but I don't live in CT , but if they ever come to Montréal PM me
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Free or paid gigs?

Well, I mean, they need enough gas money to get them from there to wherever. Not a huge guarantee or anything. A house show with a donation bucket would probably be good enough with a decent crowd.