I know that a lot of Geddy's speed and sound comes from his right hand technique, could anyone explain his style? I know he uses a tremelo-ish technique with his fingers, and it looks like he sometimes flicks the strings.

Can anyone explain his techniqe in a little more detail?


(Solo starts around 2:35, and there is a quick shot of the technique I am talking about. It's the best visual example I could find)
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he plucks really fast. and you posted the same vid link twice
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Geddy Lee is a giant among bassists, but even he has trouble explaining his technique. In several interviews he has been so critical of his own mish-mash of techniques that he says if he ever does an instructional DVD, it will be titled Don't Try This At Home. That having been said, I'd kill to be able to do what he does.

Geddy employs what has become known as a "flamenco" technique in which he strikes the string normally with the finger moving inward toward the palm, and then strikes the string again with the finger moving outward, away from the palm. It is something he has developed over the years. He normally plays with one or two fingers, and in the video you posted he is playing with his thumb and forefinger.

There must be a few threads on this site that discuss his playing in detail. If there aren't, then there should be.
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