hi, i heard one of the early 'triangle' muffs being played today and it made me think shit, i want that tone out of my reissue
now im not saying that i think that ill get the exact tone out of it just by putting the 2N5133 transistors in, which is what the triangle muff used apparently, but would this get me closer to the tone? how would this affect my sound?
the confusions come about because some places ive looked say that they'll change the sound and gear it further towards a triangle muff sound whereas other places say 'naw transistors dont really affect the sound that much'

thanks for reading, hope someone out there can help :]
transistors affect the sound a good bit, especially in a gain style pedal. i'm not sure if you'll have to re-bias it. do you have any experience with pedal working? soldering skills? knowledge of how most parts work? transistors are more fragile, so you might wanna put it sockets. and i wouldn't **** with it quite yet til you learn a bit if you haven't researched a little for yourself
hmm, no i dont really have any experience in this kind of thing. i tinkered with circuit bending for about 6 months last year but that's pretty much all i got. i really dont know about re biasing or anything like that
biasing it's somewhat complicated, although i'm not quite to the designing circuitry yet. if you're in the U.S harbor freight sell a multimeter that does inductance, capacitance, and the gain of bipolar transistors, for 20-25 USD. i bought it, haven't tested it much. but it's around 5% which gives you a ballpark figure.

what i would do is buy a cheap kit at RS or something, and get some soldering down a bit. i like desoldering braids over irons for fine work. but the transistor will probably be overheated in removal, so you may not be able to test it. but if you're interested in some smaller electronics, that cheap digital multimeter may work for you.

check out this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=630592
to read a bit on parts and such. lots of useful links