hey pit,

what do you guys do in preparation for your anniversary with your girlfriend? Me and my girl are celebrating our 2 year anniversary this weekend and wanted to know what you guys would do

Things we're getting

-really good weed
- suggestions?

We plan to have a lot of sex too so any sexual suggestions welcome too (i.e. whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc.)
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Who's in a bunker?
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Take it to the Relationship/Sex thread.

+1 to the Fluff. That shit's the bomb.
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Bring her somewhere special, Like where you brought her on the first date. And just spend time with her in general, anal in no time buddy.
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Get her to give you a blowjob while riding a rollercoaster, I'm pretty sure that's the greatest feeling in the world
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Win. +1 cookie for hide the beer.

Smoking weed is hardly romantic, but hey, whatever you're into.

As an above poster said, cooking together is fun.
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Wish my girlfriend smoked weed =(

Get a good movie to watch together while baked/drinking champagne. Doesn't have to be a romantic film, anything you both like is good.

Also cook her an awesome meal.

Agreed on that part. Last anniversary my girlfriend and I did much the same thing as you (minus the champaign) and I cooked a nice meal for the two of us and it was a great evening. We hung out in the kitchen smoking while I cooked then we sat down to eat with some more herb and then retired to the bedroom for some great sex.

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Smoking weed is hardly romantic, but hey, whatever you're into.

Maybe its not for you but some of the most romantic moments of my life have happened over a good spliff.
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Getting baked with my girlfriend for the first time was so funny.
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