Ugly woman = Horrible images
What is this that stands before me?

Figure in black that points at me...

Dear God.



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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.

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I think semen would be our biggest export...
We'd build an industry around it.


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If I were her neighbour, I'd probably fap to those noises.

Did you look at the pictures of them?
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I think I'm going to cry..
"Caroline and Steve Cartwright's love-making was described as "murder" and "unnatural" at Newcastle Crown Court."
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47 Decibles? Really?
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If I were her neighbour, I'd probably fap to those noises.

I'm assuming you "watch" a lot of Whale Wars.
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My girlfriend does that to me!
Feels pretty good!

^In a thread about strap-ons.
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47 decibles.

How is her husband not deaf?


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Normal conversation (3-5') 60-70dB

That's really not that loud.

Although lulz @ the postman complaining about the noise.
No it's recorded at 47 decibels OUTSIDE the house. Which means the source noise must be 3 maybe 4 times as loud. THINK! It's 47 decibels from where the neighbor sleeps or lives or w/e.
Far out, I dunno what to laugh at more. The combination of the picture, the level of noise and people's descriptions or the fact they had to go to court to be told to shut the f**k up.