So I am doing a project in my class. And we need a biography on a person that we consider a hero. I find all great musicians inspiring, but I don't want to use a regular biography, I want to use an autobiography. So are there any musicians who wrote some? Note: I have already read "Slash" and "Scar Tissue"
Thanks UG!
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The Heroin Diaries--Nikki Sixx

It's not actually his full-life, but rather a year's worth of diary entries from back in the 80s when he was whacked out on heroin.
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dee dee ramone wrote one. it was actually fairly well written and quite engaging. im not sure i would consider him a 'hero' though unless your aspirations are to shoot a lot of heroin.
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Thank you, I will check these out!
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R.I.P. James "The Rev" Sullivan
---> Llama's are cool.
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Marilyn Manson has The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, which is a pretty good read.
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