Alright PIT, let's just say that I happen to have a project of sorts in the making, and it involves a lot of creativity around tastes. Problem is, I only have 2 of the 6 needed (and room for more if I get many GOOD ones) tastes, and I need your help. So please, tell me what your favorite taste is...
From my roommates and friends so far I've gotten: Bacon, Jalapeno, Grass, Garlic, Banana...

Please PIT, you're my only hope.

Think of it this way - IF you could have all of your food taste only one taste for a week, what would that taste be? If everything that you tasted had to be on specific taste, which taste would you pick?
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Potting soil... It really isn't that bad. It tastes about the way it smells.
When I am stoned, cherry blasters are an unexplainable euphoria-like experience.
When I am sober, I guess I'll go with well-sauced pizza. Not too much cheese. That with garlic bread. <3
Clean vagina.

EDIT: This is my serious response lol
My God, it's full of stars!
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ahah hyour ****in gay masn


because your last post didn't make sense either aha
My God, it's full of stars!
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ahah hyour ****in gay masn

what is this i dont even

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Meat pasta
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because your last post didn't make sense either aha

ayayayyaywhatver yuo sa y
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ayayayyaywhatver yuo sa y

Pfft at least I can correct my spelling/grammar errors!
My God, it's full of stars!

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touche sir.
Burn. And that vitamin syrup which is meant to taste like orange but just tastes of E numbers.
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"Umami", the savory taste. I love it.

to be specific, outside of this category, I also like salty, bacon, apples, grape (flavored, not actual grapes), watermelon (flavored), potato (starchy?), and meaty (like meat meat idk, a good steak (haha, "savory")).
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