hey, this is my new band = www.myspace.com/mistakingsolitude

i've decided to move onto co-guitar/co-vocal duties, to make it easier to express my song-writing to the band. So far as of the moment, we've only got one song up, and i'm still waiting for the other three tracks we recorded to be mastered by our lazy-arse sound engineer friend. There's also a video from our time at the studio on it, so if you feel a little more than bored, feel free to check that out as well. Hope you guys get something out of it.

P.S: I'm the one with the lower voice, or, on the members section listed as "Nighthawk".

P.S.S: Anyone who wants me to comment on their band, please leave a link on your comment and i'll get to you as soon as i can.
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pretty clean recording with some good sounds. I'll cruise back for a listen when you've got more up.

Thanks man, we've got another song up now called "Good intentions Part 3 (Prequel to the Sequel)".

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Pretty cool sound, I like the instrumental bits I heard. I do think the vocals are a little too strong in the mix though; if you have the option, I'd turn 'em down so they don't overpower everything else so much. Overall, good stuff.

Yeah i agree, with that for Tom's (the guy singing in the chorus) voice, since he's able to project easier than me, but for some parts i stay pretty low, and partially quiet, so it is a little difficult to prevent it from being too overpowering when i go louder to softer alot. Hopefully it works out a little better on the other track than the first then

Thanks for your comments everyone.