I am looking to record screams over some metal songs i have recorded. I have a Shure SM58(dynamic)Mic going thru a Line 6 Toneport Preamp.
The screaming style I am wishing to record is one similar to Oli Sykes of bring me the horizon(count your blessings album style, not that dehydrated cat sound he makes on suicide season) or black dahlia murder, suicide silence vocals, u get the idea.
I've been recording going thru gearbox and getting alot of unnecessary distortion. I don't mind a little distortion as i know all metal screams like a little pre-production magic to give some extra tone to it.

So i ask you UG forumites, how do you recommend i record vocals?

Also a link to my jams i wish to scream over.


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the key here would be to back off from the mic a bit and make sure our mic preamp levels are fairly low to avoid clipping, the SM-58 is pretty good in terms of handling high volumes so you shouldn't really have any problems as long as you keep the gain levels in check. I would also advise against using any signal processing in gearbox, save that for post.
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