So for my upcoming birthday/christmas, my parents are willing to pay about 400--600 give or take for a guitar.
We already have some shitty fender, an Ibanez lez paul (which we got second hand) and a yamaha acoustic.

I need advice as to what type of guitar to purchase. If I had the money i would definately buy a Epiphone Casino but, unfortunately they are about 1k plus. I play mostly old rock (beatles etc) and i'm wondering about peoples opinions etc. Im probably an intermediate player btw.

Syd Australia.

I was thinking about getting a really good second hand guitar, because I like the look of old guitars etc.

Thoughts, opinions, comments etc.

Yea Im looking at trying first etc, my parents aren't really the type to buy online.

Problem is all the Gretch's and stuff iv seen in stores around sydney and like really expensive.

Bands I like to play are stuff like Beatles, Wings, John Lennon, etc

Sites I've looked at are..





Gretch'd be sweet, George Harrison kind of guitar etc, bit expensive it seemes.

Please, if you want have a search through there.

Edit: Iv been looking at these
With guitars like that have you ever considered saving up a bit more and getting something more of an upgrade. Getting a Casino wouldn't be too far away, if you saved up over the next few months to add to the 400-600.

Anyway, you could look at the Classic Vibe Telecaster, it's supposed to be great for its price and pretty awesome overall. It suits your music and it just fits inside your price range. Though I don't think you'll find them in stores so you might have to import it, I recommend sweetwater.com.
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