Hello people

well i need a new amp ( for bedroom practice )

I currently have a shitty no name amp
i play stuff like
pink floyd
led zeppelin
stuff like that.

around 300 to 500 dollars

what do u suggest i dont know much about amps.
look on craigslist, good deals there. Lower end halfstacks go for $300 usually. Ive seen some damn good deals
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all those tones you mentioned you can acquire with the vox night train. but then again you've already spent 500- bucks and still need a cab. if you have a little extra money, i'd go for that.
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Used Peavey Classic 30. Vox AC4TV, Fender Champ 600 with pedals (Same with the Vox). As someone said, Vox Nightrain. You could also keep saving your money so you can have more options.

Any british style amp will get you those tones though, most of those artists used Marshalls. Hendrix used JTM45s.
Don't go for a Champ 600, 8" speaker sounds small and thin. Vox AC4 is a cracking amp.

If it's for bedroom practice then you won't be needing more than 4/5W of tube, so look around this level of amp, or maybe up as far as 15 which you could then take away with you, but that would be stretching your budget.

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hmm the night train seems pretty good but will i have to buy a cab for it is there any alternative?