hey guys, as awsome as my vetta is it does not have a drum machine nor a looper which sucks when i want to jam with myself.
im not looking for a muti-effect pedal, my vetta has enough effects

anyone know of anything like this thats under 100 dollars?
You can probably score a used Dr.Beat or a Dr.Rhythm (both made by Boss).


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You can get a used zoom drum machine for under that too, they tend to be a bit cheaper than the boss. I have a zoom rt-223 and it's pretty bad ass.

I never liked zoom pedals
I bet for around that price you can find a used Boss looper, can't rember the exact model
number right now though. Check eBay and craigslist. Might find a bargin on there
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I can sell you my DR 770 drum machine for $150.
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How do these drum pedals work.do you treat them like regular pedal and attach them with cables to your amp or to the effect loop?