I've had this guitar for 4 or 5 years, bought it used so i have no idea when it was made really. I upgraded it with a seymour duncan invader 7 string pickup. its a black guitar with black pick guard. Ibanez gio. couple small paint chips, normal wear and tear.
I want to sell it for around $200 or trade it for and ibanez s. I live near St.Louis Missouri.the whole reason i began to consider parting with it was after playing and ibanez s.
buh buh buh bump. seriously? is anyone interested?the lowest i'll take for it is $190. but i'm open trade as well.
Could I trade a Digitech RP 14D and a Crybaby Wah pedal for it?

I could also throw in a Boss 303 sampler, if you write music, too.