Alright... So I currently have a Takamine FP340S and I am considering selling it and getting the Taylor 114-E.

The Takamine I have is technically more expensive then the Taylor 114-E which is essentially the Taylor entry level guitar, although the takamine is many years old now.

BUT the Taylor is a Taylor.

I'm ready for a change of axe, but I'm wondering if this is a good trade.

I may be able to get $500 for the Takamine, and the Taylor is $750 new (unless I can find a used Taylor)

What do you guys think?
half the guys here will say not to do it. chances are that i would do it, but then i really like the taylor 114s - not because it was a taylor but because i really like how 114s sound. on the other hand, i am not familiar with the FP340S, and a quick look around showed it as a solid top at one site and all laminate on another. the taks i like are solid back and top, so chances are i'd prefer the 114.
I just bought the Taylor 114E yesterday. Sounds great! I played about every guitar in the store in my price range. Came down to a Seagull or the Taylor. When plugged in, it was great, and acoustically it really rang out. I played some taks as well, but they just didn't feel as good as the 114E