Hey UG, help me out with this problem.

I've been searching for a new amp and i can't choose between these three:

Peavey Valveking 112
Randall RG50TC
Hughes and Kettner Attax 100.

I'm looking for an amp that does metal (metallica, iron maiden, megadeth distortion) well and has some good cleans.
I can buy the valveking and the rg50tc in a local store with special discount since i know the owner. I can only buy the attax 100 via Thomann.
I've been also looking for the B52 At112 but the online dealers that sell them don't shipp to europe.
I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and i'm willing to spend 500€. Keep in mind that i would also like to save some money for an effects pedal, for the cleans, hence my consideration for the Attax., cuz it has the built in effect and some say they are pretty good.

Thanks in advance
Have you played them ya?

Out of the 3 I would go for the Valveking. Its not a bad amp, cleans are dacent and the overdrive is heavy enough. WOuld recommend sticking a OD pedal in front tho. Gives it a nice bite! And when you change the speaker + stock tubes its becomes a different amp. Its the better of the 3.

The randall imo is pure shite, no matter how long I played and tweaked that amp I couldnt get a good sound off it.

The Attax - Never played it, so cant comment on it.
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The valveking I wouldn't go for unless your willing to get the mods done to
it that it needs. Not really sure what the mods entail but there's a valveking thread (I think) somewhere in the depths of the forum where you might be able to get some better info.
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I'm not keen on spending alot of money on mods if i can buy a good amp with a good built-in distorion.