Alright I have been working on my speed, rhythm and accuracy for quite some time now. I have gained some good progress but I sometimes feel like I can do better, like there is something I can improve in my technique.

What I am doing already:
1. Angling the pick to get easier and faster picking.
2. Trying to keep all tension at a all low.
3. Using as little force as possible to produce the notes. (Fretting hand only pushing the strings as much as necessary, creating a better flow.)
4. Practicing slowly and practicing something harder than usual to force myself to improve.

I read somewhere: "Keep your (fretting?) hand below your elbow." I cannot say I understand this exactly and is there any truth to this?

Also are there any more tips you could give me?

Are there any exercises I could look at? (I have seen the thread with exercises yes but I am just asking if there is anything more that could be helpful.)

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Check out Freepower's video on posture too.
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You can't force yourself to improve.
Perfecting simple things is usually far more productive and constructive than trying things that are too hard.
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- The fretting hand must be below the elbow thing isn't true, just try to keep your wrist straight. It won't always be possible to do but just as a general thing.
- Also, where is your left hand thumb? I found my speed and finger independance much improved when I switched to a more classical style (only placing my thumb over the neck for bends or vibrato).
- Are you anchoring your picking hand? If so you may want to look at stopping.
- Make sure you're picking from the wrist.
- Final thing I'll say is make sure you're keeping your motions small! This means that you don't move your pick further than you need to to produce the note and you don't move your fingers too far away from the fretboard; the less distance you have to move the faster you can do it.

I hope that gave you some things to think about, good luck getting up to speed!
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I seem to have not been to clear on what I was saying. When I said forcing myself to improve is I mean, I take hard stuff but still something I can handle at slower speed, give me something to work to and strive for.

I do practice with a metronome. I just forgot to mention it.

Aleksi, thanks. I seem to be doing everything pretty much right. Thanks a ton.
"Fly with me forever high
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Fly with me through scorching skies
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