Alright, it's my 12y old cousin's birthday and he dreams of buying a guitar and stuff.

I'd love to teach him and i can do it but he is not very wealth so i'd like to hear some suggestions in guitars.

i already have a dean markley 30w amp which has suond but the overdrive\distortion SUCKS.

Thus i was thinking in a multi FX with a reasonable overdrive so he could use it instead of amp's OD. Plus he could have fun while practising with effects.

The problem is that his max budget should be 200e as i will give him some help too. Is there any solution for him? the priority here is the guitar, the multi fx comes next.

suggestions welcome, thanks
chances are he might get bored with guitar, so why not just buy him an encore starter pack or something simalar?
To clarify. You're after a guitar and multi-fx. His budget is €200 + however much you put in (which will be...).

Do you have a rough idea of what kind of music he wants to play, who he listens to, favourite guitarists are etc?

Also does the budget include the multi-fx or not? What country are you in?
Quote by beatreebor
chances are he might get bored with guitar, so why not just buy him an encore starter pack or something simalar?

those are over 200e and usually worst, besides i'll give him my crappy spare amp.
yeah he likes rock, metal and grunge stuff.

Squier bullets are around 120e while affinity's around 180e in shops but i have no problem ordering from thomman\musicstore for him.

I read that bullets are real crappy and i wanted to buy him something solid and nice for future upgrades.
rock, metal and grunge...


http://www.thomann.de/gb/cort_z42_wr.htm or http://www.thomann.de/gb/cort_z42_3ts.htm


I would say look at danelectros since you can pick them up for a great price. Not going to do metal or heavier rock though so they're out. For budget price ranges I always say to just make sure the body isn't made of Agathis/Basswood. Nothing on there is going to be of great quality but better woods do tend to make a material difference IMO.

I quite like the look of the Cort.
I gotta say I really hate the feel of danelectros on the low end. But, I tried out the new affinity squires and they are really not bad for beginners. fender 1uped a lot of their qc in 2009 and it really shows. that plus, find a used multieffect pedal, like a digitech. dont bother with an expression pedal on those, the wahs suck.

or, I had a digitech distortion factory I got off ebay for somewhere around 30 usd, it was great for jamming and had plenty of options

this also gives him some room to grow, the affinity pickups can be upgraded, a crybaby can be added
Squier Bullets aren't that bad IMO for beginners. Heck I would get one and upgrade it I wanted a Strat. For the genres mentioned I would look at one of those Epiphone specials with two humbuckers, again a decent axe for a beginner if you setup it probably. Also take a look at SX guitars, very good budget guitars made with real tone woods (mahogany, alder, etc ,etc.) I'm pretty happy with my stock SX les paul special clone, actually the pickups are a little too hot for me, besides that great guitar.
Good luck!
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