Hey iv'e been playing guitar for a bit now (acoustic) and i am saving up for a Electric, now i don't want to sped to much so i was wondeing, is this a good guitar? the review says it is but i just wont other poeple opinion and itas a low price aswell.
Thanks guys

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I've never heard of that brand. If at all possible, stay away from an inexpensive off-brand and go with something with a name. You would likely be better off with a Squire or a MIM Strat or Telecaster.
What style of music do you like to play? My advice is always to go check out the Squier Strat Pack. Comes with everything you need, good quality for the price, and a cheap enough price so that if you decide anytime soon you're not getting into it, you didn't blow a ton of money.
oki thanks, and the music i want to play is metal (like dead memories kinda stuff) and grunge (nirvan) but i don't want to splash loads of cash
That Ibanez is a lovely looking guitar, however, from the Ibanez site it looks like it's been discontinuted. Shame really

The Ibanez IJX30 that comes in the starting pack is junk, the amp is the worse you will ever use. The pickups are very muddy, and the neck heel ls so high up and clunky.