Hey, im sorry if this is in the worng thread type thing but,
How would i begin to start creating music like this band?
no matter how much i listen to them, i cant seem to be creative enough to create something like that =[

again, im sorry if this is in the wrong section, but any help/advice would be greatful for any help,
stop trying to be them and write your own dam stuff? it's not "creative" when your writing music purely to sound like someone else.
Well if you really want to "create something like that =[" find out what their influences are and start there.
Personally, I'd say that alot of their sound (on the new album at least) comes from how the 2 guitarist just seem to work off each other very well. They like to do harmonizations and dual leads alot. They also like use some pretty interesting effects at times so obviously that contributes. Another thing to consider is how the drums and bass provide a framework for the guitars. Finally, I'd look at how the vocal melodies interact with the guitar lines.

A band's "sound" is usually a very complicated thing and if you want to really dissect it you have to look past what individual instruments are doing.