My RR3 has missing finish on the tips of the long wing and it has a dent that has cracked the finish in the top, i am getting very, very paranoid about it not being playable anymore, can this kind of stuff lead to unplayability?
take a look at some of the Lick Library lessons. You will see someone teaching guitar with his guitar literally duct-taped together, and it sounds awesome.
I dont think you should worry too much if the cracks dont hit the electronics. Probably the sound will change a bit, but i dont think it will become unplayable
Of course it can't.
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Of course it can't.


You only really have worry about cracks on accoustics: they can grow larger and end up splitting it in two, though I've only ever seen it happen to cheap ones.
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it's just the finish, right? if so, it won't affect it, except in looks. if it's got some gouges in it or something, fill those in with wood putty. that should do the trick.

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On topic: Unless the chips and dings are affecting your electronics or are on your neck/fretboard and literally in the way of your playing, I think you'll be fine.
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Still no pics in this thread or the other thread? Post some pics, man. You probably have nothing to worry about but if you're that paranoid, POST SOME PICTURES!!!
Chips, dents and finish cracks are unavoidable and are generally thought to add character to a guitar - some brands more so than others. Look at how much Fender charges to thrash one of their Custom Shop models in order to make it a "relic."
providing it`s only the finish that is cracked you should be alright, if it`s a crack in the wood around a vital area such as the neck pocket then that would cause instability.

steve vai`s main guitar evo is apparantly becoming harder to keep in tune because of such a crack through the body not the paint...

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Dude, chill out. Cracks, dents, and scratches are part of PLAYING your instrument. If you don't want blemishes, don't touch it. Keep it in a glass case.
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Like said earlier, Unless they are in the fretboard, neck or neck pocket (Or in the electronics) They won't effect the playability of your guitar. Now, If there are chips in the fretboard that could make it uncomfortable.
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