Hey, hope someone can help me here. I was going to ask my teacher this question but he quit on me and don't know anyone else to ask. I recently upgraded from a Big Baby to a Taylor 214CE. I absolutely love this guitar - so easy to play and it makes me sound alot better. However, I liked the Big Baby too and want to keep it around to play places I wouldn't want to take my new one.

I think the new one is easier to play because of the way it is set up (a bit lower maybe). So, I was thinking that I could take the Big Baby to my guitar shop and tell them to set it up like the 214CE??? That would then make it just as easy to play, right?

The only other thing is the new one has Elixir polyweb light strings and the Big Baby has D'Addario EXP light ones. But not sure if that has anything to do with being able to fret things easier.

Don't have much knowledge on these kinds of things so would appreciate any comments. Thank you
yes, you can have your big baby set up for lower action. you could also try extra light strings on it and see if that helps.

different strings not only have different thicknesses that add to string tension, but also hex shaped core strings are stiffer than round core strings and some strings may be tempered longer than others, which can also affect tension. d'addario is the only company i'm aware of that lists the tensions of their strings - very handy for someone like me who wants strings with very low tension.
You have to adjust the action so the strings have the approrpriate height. Not too high to make the guitar unplayable, and not too low to make the strings buzz.

I don't think the strings make any difference apart from sounding different. Only if they are different gauges, as thicker strings might be harder for you to fret. But I think it's a matter of exercise before you can fret any guitar without much hassle.

But talk to the shop, they should know how to fix it.
Thanks!!! I knew the action could be lowered but didn't know if they would be able to make it just like the new one. Thought maybe there was a difference in how they were made or something.

Gonna make a trip there tomorrow.