listening to Canon right now, and i can say that you've got excellent skills. Very mellow, very relaxing. Well done on the transition of it. Also listened to Message in a bottle (since i'm a fair police fan) and i reckon Sting may have approved (Y)

Good job. If you feel like it, would you crit mine at...
Cheers for listening and especially commenting.

Canon has a bit of "ambient noise" at the start which came from the rain pelting down in a storm outside during recording. It kind of added to it a bit, filled up what is a one-track, one-guitar song. That version was written by Trace Bundy, so I can't take credit for it. Message In a Bottle I did arrange, and have since improved from the video, so it is ready for recording.
good stuff! i enjoy your style very much.
When I was young
I thought I had my own key
I knew exactly what I wanted to be
Now I'm sure
You've boarded up every door
really cool stuff, like you're own composition, plankton. check my stuff, i need a good crit..

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