Hey guys, so, I've been playin' for a while and I'm pretty happy with the bass that I have right now (Squire J-Bass) and my amp's really good too, I think (Acoustic B200) and I really love experimenting with different sounds, and I know I'm gonna want another electric down the line, but right now I'm lookin' at gettin an acoustic-electric bass in the $200-$400ish range. The only ones I've seen that aren't ridiculously expensive (I'm in high school ) are two in a Guitar Center catalog, one by Dean, which I played and I didn't like at all, and the other was an Ibanez acoustic-electric with an onboard tuner, which sounds reall nice, but I haven't been able to get my hands around it yet.

Is the Ibanez even worth it, from those of you who know? Or should I keep lookin' for somethin' else? Suggestions if you have'em.

Thanks. =)
The Ibanez AEB series (Acoustic Electric Bass) is pretty good. Very nice playability and a good sound. Unplugged, it certainly isn't the loudest thing on earth, but no acoustic bass is. If you get an acoustic bass, try stringing it with flatwound strings. It can punch up the tone and the volume somewhat.
if you didn't like the Dean, you wont like the Ibanez, it is only marginally better.

semihollow maybe?
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Olympia OB3CE is the budget version of the Thunderchief, and is probably your best bet. It's 400 bucks, plays well, sounds pretty good and is loud unplugged.
What do you need it for? The only situation I could ever picture myself using an acoustic bass is in some kind folk stuff. Even then, they're never loud enough to be heard over guitar and you need a amp anyways.
If you want to play with acoustic guitarists your better off using an electric, acoustics have a hard time being heard. The Dean is too great at all, the Ibanez is better, but not by too much. Neither are loud enough to be heard over other instruments without an amp. You could go semihollow, like an Ibanez Artcore maybe?

If your set on an acoustic, the Ibanez will probably be the better of the cheap acoustic options.
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Thanks, guys, 'preciate it.

Yeah, it's not really volume I'm goin' for as much as a different sound and tone, like through an amp or a really, really sensitive mic in a studio-type setting, although unplugged volume would definitely be a plus. I'm big on just kinda messin around with different sounds and techniques and such, so it's not really for specific gig or song as much as just a different sound.
That Olympia sounds pretty good, I'll see if they have one nearby at a decent price. Yeah, that Dean was a nightmare. =/

I don't think I've ever seen a semi-hollow bass before, but that'd be a really great thing to have. I'll have to try to find one of those. =)

Thanks again, guys, really appreciate it. =)
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The only ones I've ever seen are the Hofner violin basses (or knockoffs), like Paul McCartney used. There are also a few models more like archtop electric guitars, but I don't know of anyone (famous or otherwise) who plays one.

Look at the Ibanez Artcore, Epiphone Jack Casady sig, Gretsch makes a few high end ones, Italia makes quite a few, and of course, the luscious Warwick Infinity

The Ibanez, and Italias are the affordable ones, the Epi is $800, and the others are all like $2000+
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I have one of the Ibanez acoustic basses...I'm not sure which model it is, but I think its the same one your talking about. Input Jack, built in tuner, the works. I enjoy it, it has that deep upright sound, very nice, I love it. I haven't foudn a problem with it yet, besides its not as loud as alot of acoustic guitars, but I can still be heard if I'm playing acoustics with some friends, just not as loud as I'd like to. (haha, if that makes any sense for you)
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^ What Ibanez do you have? All the AEB-series basses I've played have had ridiculously small bodies for an acoustic and have been smothered in polyurethane...neither of which makes for very good tone or volume.

How has nobody mentioned Michael Kelly yet? They make excellent AEB's, and the firefly is well within budget.
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