So with a Vypyr 30 the headphone jack is a studio line out. So I'm about to record with my 30, and I'm going to use the line out/headphone jack connected to my comp and using Audacity. One question, when I plug into the line out jack it mutes the amps speaker (just like the plugging in headphones) now I have to play using my computer speakers? ugg thats terrible. I might have to buy a cheap mic to solve this problem. Is there any other soultions?

Nick F
Well you won't be able to record that way anyway because of latency issues, meaning that there's a time lag between you playing the riff and it actually getting recorded onto the track(unless of course you have a very powerful soundcard).
A mic is always better IMO...
depends if you have a soundcard that cuts out latency. like my creative x-fi gamer card. has an Audio Creation setting where there is no latency so i just line out into the card. easy as pi

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Sound cards don't have latency in the playback monitoring. But yeah it sux that the line out kills the speaker. Too bad that's not selectable.
What do you have for computer speakers? I have the same sound card as you. And, I have a 5.1 speaker system (that's four surround sound speakers with a sub-woofer). My amp sounded awesome through that.
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