I did a search on this and did find some answers, but not quite the right ones.

I have a

* BOSS DD-6 - 55ma draw
* BOSS OS-2 - 12ma draw
* Dunlop Hendrix JH-1 - unknown draw

* Roland BOSS PSA120T (9.6v 200ma)

The polarity is a good match, they all work individually.

Assuming that the Wah uses less than 133ma (200 - (55+12)) then I am good to go I believe, though I guess I do not want to cut to too close to the maximum output either.

So assuming everything above is correct - the PSA120T has a single power plug. Can I just get some sort of splitter to go on the end? Do I have to do anything funky?
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I've never heard of anyone using a splitter?

I'd just get a 1Spot adapter and daisy chain everything off of that

As long as you're within your power supply's ma range you are ok. I bought the one spot daisy chain for $10 instead of the whole one spot kit for $30... But its worth noting I ended up getting more pedals so I bought the 1 spot, and now I want more pedals so I may buy the 8 plug daisy chain... I should have just bought the kit.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Yeah, I've got the kit and if IIRC the whole thing is rated to 1700ma. Can't remember actually. The only thing I wouldn't use a OneSpot for is a Multi Effects processor and possibly a Wah, but I've got my Wah on there too now and there are no issues.
I use a 1spot...and I used to have a huge pedalboard. The only thing that I can't run with the same adapter is my Line 6 FM4 and my wah...because noise is introduced into my signal. So I just run a separate adapter for the line 6.
Thanks all, I will do some looking for a One Spot Daisy Chain thingy too.