Hey, here is my newest song I have written! I have attached the guitar pro tab and tux guitar tab as well.

It has a jazzy break half way through, its my best part of the song, I just wish I was good enough to play this style of jazz

Anyway, rate it and let me know what you think and I will do the same for you

Also, if you like it, please suscribe and rate my youtube video and channel, you will find a link to it at the bottom of my post!
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Both tabs are Tux Guitar. My GP5 wont open them.

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Can hear slayer influence. Didn't like verse at all.. No sense. Also damn boring drums. Not good pre-chorus or chorus. Chorus is decent. Bad solo and bad breakdown. No sense in jazz part. Melodic breakdown is ok, sounds bit off anyway. What's technical in the breakdown? Annoying breakdown, sounds like very bad grindcore.. Bad breakdowns.. why so many? wtf? Play me second solo plz. Song isnt' really finished. Do something for it.. 3/10.