I would like to commission an artist to draw a custom image for me--what would be the best way to get that image onto a guitar?

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Teh Space
I worked with a custom interior finishing carpenter on my ax, people like that have the paints and finishes nessesary to make it last. Of course, the artist could just put it on himself too.
It's probably best to paint it right on the guitar and then put a finish over it, I guess some type of printed transfer of sticker from skinz or similar might work but would still be better with a finish applied after.

Some new member posted some of his airbrushing yesterday, it was amazing. Ask him maybe...

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I'll probably commission an artist who's on the other side of the country! What about decals or something like that?
"When ignorance reigns, life is lost."

Teh Space
Im doing the same on my current build. What im doing is putting a very thin layer of shellac on the wood, their art is being painted on with acrylic (acrylic and shellac work perfect together) then a layer of shellac over the art. Then layers and layers of clear laquer. the layer of shellac will pretect the acrylic from the laquer as it may deterierate it. shellac sticks to everything and and everythign sticks to it.