Heres the deal.

I have a AC-2 from boss, and a randall amp VMX30. I want to play both acoustic and distorsion without have to change amps or gear. Long ago i have a metal muff but i prefered my Randall's distorsion so i sell it, is there a possibility to use acoustic and distorsion on the same amp? what do i have to buy? AB pedals? and how i can connect it. If theres a possibility to turn the acoustic/distorsion in one button?

thx in advance
If the Randall is a 2-channel footswitchable amp, you could footswitch+acoustic sim.

If the Randall is a 1-channel or non-footswitchable amp, you'd probably need another amp to A/B with (you could also try and mod your amp to have a FS input or a Exp. Pedal controlled gain knob).
The randall is 3 channels (distorsion and boost + clean) and have a footswitch plug (but i dont have the footswitch) and i dont see where to buy it, so i was asking about the AB pedal, but if i have the footswitch i have to switch to clean and then to acoustic and so on. There is a way to switch acoustic/distorsion with one button instead of two?
using an acoustic for distortion is pretty unruly at best, if you can tame the feedback for the guitar then you will be trying to get a usable tone out of an acoustic with a distortion pedal. not good times.

but if you are hellbent on trying then an A/B box might be best bet, that way you can have 2 seperate paths to the amp. but really you are just as good off getting a distortion pedal in the chain too and using 1 foot to hit both pedals at once.
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I don't think he wants to use an acoustic with distortion, he wants a way to use his acoustic simulator to go direct from "acoustic sound" with the AC-2 to "distortion" with the amp.

And no. Because your amp has an onboard distortion, your only option is to make the amp clean, and then add the acoustic simulator.

What I would do, is position the footswitch and the AC-2 pedal so that you can hit both at the same time with your foot...

or just do a little tap dancing.
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If you run the signal guitar -> A/B Box -> a amp / b acoustic simulator -> amp, it will sound terrible.