ordered on tuesday night and should have arrived yesterday but it only arrived today, this is my second guitar, An Ibanez RG320PG-P3 which cost £349 as soon as i played one in a music shop i knew that it was the guitar i wanted the neck feels great it was set up quite nicely straight out of the box with a really low action.

anyway pics of the guitar:
with my amp and bass amp(i need upgrade my amp which will be done when i have the money to)

sorry for the low quality pics they are off my phone and also click for full size
looks pretty sweet! congrats

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Sweet RG man! HNGD! The paint job looks crazy. Is there any way you can get better pics of it?
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thanks and ill try to get some better pics on my dads camera if i can find it when he goes out in about an hour
EDIT: new pics
again click for full size

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Dude, I have that exact guitar!

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looks really sweet
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