I own a LesPaul and i believe it had burstbuckers in it. This is going to be my first time every changing out pickups so i am really confused on what i shuold do. Im just not real happy with the way it sounds. I am playing through a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL. I had looked at the Burstbucker Pros, but wasnt sure. I play mostly distortion stuff, but some clean. Would i be good with the Burstbucker Pros or a different one, or would getting a new amp be a better idea? I want to eventually get a new amp but was going with the pickups since its a more affordable option for now.
Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
We are originals. Id say its kind of like Incubus but a little bit heavier, not metal by any means, but a little heavier
Gibson?Epiphone?Agile? What les pual are we talking about?
And NO WAY should you get a new amp. You have an all tube Marshall, most peoples holy grail man! If you want more gain you could get a tubescreamer or another pedal of the sort.

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