Ive got an American Strat that im looking to spruce up. I've been using some fender spray polish and it made the paint look like $h!t over time... I saw some videos on youtube of people using "AxePolish"... anybody used this stuff before? I need something to repair scratches and protect... Preferably a 1-step
you can use TurtleWax quick finish. i saw a guy from taylor guitars using it in a video showing how to clean your guitar. i use in on my guitars. it comes in a spray bottle.

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I've tried a few and so far the best has been this pale pink stuff in a bottle called "smith guitar polish". Looks like diluted pepto bismol but it works great.
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get the formula 65 complete set, it`s got everything you need for the body and a dark wood neck (anything that isn`t maple), although beinmg a strat yours is going to be maple
Before you polish a guitar clean whatever dirt there is off. Blitz cloths work wonders for this.
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I use a soft paint brush to brush off dust and dirt and such, and then i use Lizard Spit polish in combination with an old t-shirt.

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Meash22- Axepolish is some really good stuff... My guitar teacher recommended it to me and mine came with a microfiber and 10 guitar picks. I like the fact that it's an independent company and not one of the big dogs. I'd definitely recommend this stuff for a one-step polish. For maintenance between polishing, I use a lightly dampened microfiber cloth for dustings. I honestly only need to polish my guitar once every month or so.

poe- i'd be careful about using an old t-shirt to polish your guitar. Cotton generally has a tendency to scratch paint finishes, from experience with automotive finishes. Get yourself a good microfiber towl. Athough it'll cost much more than an old t-shirt, it's definitely worth the few bucks
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Ynwie- indeed I ordered the axepolish and it turned out real good with my strat. I'm impressed with the correction ability- i wasnt really expecting too much but many scratches/holograms came out... And the depth in the paint is awesome too. Thanks for your input. Axepolish all the way!
Of course, y'all take care not to let any of that stuff on unlacquered surfaces, oil-sealed surfaces like rosewood/ebony fretboards, any oil or wax rubbed finished surfaces, satin finishes, or in cracks ...
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get the formula 65 complete set

This is what I use. It's inexpensive and gets the job done. After all, it's just polish, it's not like you're going to see a miraculous difference between a $5 polish and a $15 one.
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I've heard alot of stuff about the dunlop 65 set and decided to give it a try. Honestly, I think that the finish from the AxePolish looks better- and it's easy as hell to dust it. And its a one-step, super easy. I doubt ill keep using the 65