he's FAST!

Indiana IE1-TSB Electric
Kay K-592 Acousitc
Washburn XS-2 Bass
Peavey VYPYR30 with Sanpera I footswitch
Jay Turser Acoustic Electric
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom SE 24 Black Cherry

Quote by CatharsisStudio
that room is beautifull.

man that drummer is gonna take some serious editing :\

He was a dream to work with in the studio. I know that some of that footage was pre-warm up runs. Most of the music is not in 4/4 either.

He also drummed in Aghora who he replaced Sean Reinhart of Death/Cynic.

Here is some more footage of him on drums

thats so weird i was thinking last night that Left Brain would be a cool bandname for my prog band! oh well.

drummer is quite sloppy have to say. you have to be bang on in prog like mr reinert.
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